The Alliance is basically referred to as: The Heroes. They are a group of Strong, Valiant Warriors (along with other professions) that are constantly at war with the Horde. (a.k.a. The Villains.) Their "Great City" on Azeroth (the main country) is Stormwind, a major Trade international.

Races: (Random Cities are listed to the right)Edit

  • Humans---Well, um, they are, Humans? (Stormwind)
  • Night Elves---Just your typical elves!!! (Auberdine)
  • Draenei---Like Satyrs', only bigger and, um, blue-er. (If that's a word?) (don't know a city: please add one!!!)
  • Death Knights---A-w-e-s-o-m-e!!! Most powerful Alliance race, in my opinion. (don't know a city: please add one!!!)
  • Gnomes---Short, crazy, awesome lil' buggers! (Ironforge)
  • Dwarfs---Strong, independent peoples of the Northern-holds. (Ironforge)

Also featured are the Worgens, which are basically Werewolves, only bigger, badder, and smarter.

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